The Orbital Sword: Tiamat’s Wrath by James S.A. Corey

On this episode of the Orbital Sword, David, Scott, and Jim discuss Tiamat’s Wrath, the eighth book in James S.A. Corey’s Expanse series. In this story, Holden remains a captive of Winston Duarte, leader of the Laconian Empire. Amos is on a secret mission to end the empire , but is sidetracked when he meets Teresa. They intern Avasarala spins in her grave on Laconia. Naomi takes over as the leader of the rebellion against Duarte and we lose a beloved character to an epic act of self-sacrifice. Loaded with action, this book is not to be missed as it sets the stage for the final book in the series. Will it be an ending, or a beginning? Tune in and listen to the discussion in the reading room of the Orbital Sword!

Next we are reading Heir of Fire, the third installment of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Mass,



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    • Alexandra on June 12, 2020 at 5:18 AM
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    I’ve previously listened to your Dune podcast (huge Dune fan here), and was overjoyed when I saw that you were also doing The Expanse, which is my second favorite Sci-fi series (Dune being the favorite of course). Tiamat’s wrath is actually my favorite book in the series, in some parts because it reminds me of what I like about Dune, dealing with the deeper questions about society, politics and so on. The main characters have developed so well, and all of the secondary characters are also very well written. I too particularly like Teresa’s story, but also Elvi and Fayez. I keep imagining how good all this is going to be in the TV-series, once they get there (somewhere far down the line). Wish they’d hurry up and give us book 9 already. Looking forward to listening to your podcast then. BTW, the ending song for the podcast is awesome!

    1. Thanks so much for joining us The Dune Saga Podcast. It’s really cool to find out who’s made the journey over. I have to agree with your assessment of The Expanse. I think that’s why I took to it way more then I expected to.

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